Update on our Pricing
 I want to personally thank you for your support, especially over the last three years. What we’re doing together: destigmatizing women's health, creating community, and leading the way as conscious consumers for our planet, is revolutionary and challenges the status...
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Mayana Muse

Sheryl Luz on her Experience with Pregnancy Loss
Sheryl is wearing the Nikki Long Line Bralette Credit: Zurry Donevan Last month, we spoke about de-stigmatizing pregnancy loss, how to overcome the grief and support those who are grieving; you can read the full article here. But the best way, we felt,...
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Deep Conversations

Self-Love is the Best Love
This past year if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s filling up our cup is crucial for our well-being. When we think of self-love we’ve learned very quickly how critical it is for us to take time and include ourselves...
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Menopause & Breast Health
When I started Mayana Genevière it was primarily focused on addressing women who have been omitted from the conversation of motherhood - the postpartum phase.  It has since evolved into one that supports women at various stages of their lives...
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Breast Pain: 5 Reasons Your Breasts May Hurt
Breast pain is a common experience among most women, which can usually be treated easily, but sometimes it may indicate a more serious condition. In this article, Nadine Woods, who has over 12 years of experience in postpartum breast health,...
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12 Postpartum Changes No One Talks About
You’ve just had a baby it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, but let’s get real, “What the heck just happed, why didn’t anyone tell me?” is the most reoccurring statement I hear from new moms when it comes to their recovery. We...
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Embodied Collection: Introducing Nayana Bodysuit
Introducing... the NEW EMBODIED NAYANA BODYSUIT I created this bodysuit because I wanted better for women. At the time bodysuits were only marketed for one body type. Where were the bodysuits for fuller busted women that needed support? Or bodysuits...
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How to Fold Underwear So It Does Not Unfold
Folding underwear can seem like a mundane task that we don't really think about. Getting to fold our laundry is challenging enough, but getting into the habit of folding your underwear can save your wardrobe space when everything isn't jammed...
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MG 2022 Wrapped
This year has been tough. Just when we thought we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (pandemic), we're moving into another challenging times especially as a small business. It's okay if this year you have zero resolutions,...
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Giving Tuesday
I know for us as women, the load over the past few years can only be described as an emotional journey filled with challenges and learnings of how to care for our own well-being in a society that really hasn’t.  ...
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