NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short
NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short

NEW Performance Lace™ LENEA ~ Control Boy Short

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Introducing our newest addition to our Embodied collection - the Performance Lace™ Seamless Boyshort with Tummy Control.
Crafted with the finest materials, this boy short is designed to offer a seamless cheeky bottom fit for a smooth and comfortable experience all day long. The intricate lace rose detailing adds a touch of elegance, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Not only does this boy short look great, but it also offers incredible slight compression, giving you the confidence to rock any outfit with ease. The high waist design ensures that your tummy and pelvic floor are supported, creating a flattering silhouette.

Don't settle for ordinary shapewear - upgrade to our Performance Lace™ Lenea Seamless Boyshort for a stylish, comfortable, and confidence-boosting addition to your outfit.

Kayla (Iris/Coral):

Height: 5'3

Chest Wall: 41

Over Bust: 46

Under Bust: 39

MG Size: 3X Bra, 3X Bottoms

Sam (Black):

Height: 5'9

Stage Peri-menopause

Chest Wall: 41

Over Bust: 43

Under Bust: 35

MG Size: L Bra, L Bottoms

Leila (Black/Fuchsia):

Height: 5'1

Stage 10 months postpartum

Chest Wall: 30.5

Over Bust: 33.5

Under Bust: 29

MG Size: S Bra, S Bottoms

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  2. Quality: We mill all our laces from scratch in small batches to ensure their quality. Creating in small batches means each piece in our Embodied Performance Lace Collection is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. By pre-ordering, you'll be ensuring that you receive a garment that has been meticulously designed and constructed to the highest standards.
  3. Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable fashion practices, and pre-ordering our new collection supports this commitment. By pre-ordering, you are helping to reduce waste and overproduction, as we only produce what has been ordered, which minimizes our environmental impact.
  4. Personal Fit Confirmation: We'll confirm that the size you ordered will support your stage by double-checking your size using your measurements before we produce your garment to make sure it fits perfectly when it arrives. 

This product is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Performance Lace™

Introducing our exclusive Performance Lace™,  a revolutionary material that sets a new standard in lingerie design. Crafted with the perfect blend of eco-friendly materials, our revolutionary lace is not only kind to the environment, but it's also kind to your body.

With its resilient and stretchy design, it conforms to every curve, giving you the perfect fit, no matter what your body type is.

Gone are the days of constantly adjusting your bra or underwear throughout the day. Our Performance™ Lace stays in place, maintaining its shape and comfort all day long. And, it's incredibly durable, meaning it can withstand frequent washing and wear without losing its strength or stretchiness.

Stretch Lace Undergarments Designed to Last Through Years and Stages

Our Performance Lace™ is a high quality fabric made with expert craftsmanship that can stretch in all four directions, including up and down and side to side, allowing the garment to move and stretch with the body. This helps to minimize the feeling of tightness and restriction, providing a more comfortable and supportive fit that moves with you without losing shape. Here’s proof that beautiful and durable can co-exist!

Hear From Customers


I love these boy shorts. They are feminine, but also functional. They are perfect under a dress, skirt, or loose fitting pants like palazzos. The style and cut are very flattering and the material is lightweight. So comfortable.


The Lenea Control Boy Short is super comfortable and sexy. The control top makes you feel slim and held together - it's a nice feeling after having kids. The lace is very soft and light in feel. This undergarment is a perfect alternative to the thong for those of us who don't want the visible panty lines. I would definitely recommend these to my friends who want the control top of a panty but also the sexiness of lingerie.

Maria V.

Wonderful to find a pretty, sexy product that fits perfectly, provides some tummy control, and has a cotton gusset. And happy to find all these features in a Canadian-made product. Highly recommend.


MG Performance Lace™

Renowned for its quality, breathability, and eco-friendly composition, our laces now come with a performance upgrade/

Shaping Support

Our unique design provides targeted support to key areas such as the tummy and hips ensuring a smooth and flattering silhouette.


The seamless construction of our boyshorts provides a smooth and flattering appearance to the bum, ensuring a comfortable and confident fit.