Sexy Nursing Bra

    What to Consider When Choosing Sexy Nursing bras

    Finding beautiful and comfortable nursing bras that don’t make you feel frumpy is difficult. The search becomes more challenging when you’d like to have sexy nursing bras without clips or clasps that are supportive with a functional design that makes nursing easy. It’s possible to have a comfortable nursing bra that is beautiful, supportive, AND functional. Your top priority to consider in any nursing bra and lingerie is comfort and quality. A comfortable bra will keep a mother protected against / reduce the chance of experiencing nipple soreness, mastitis, and plugged milk ducts. It’s also important that the nursing bra you wear is adjustable to accommodate your breast size fluctuation. Mayana Genevière has a few cute nursing bras for you to explore, with the most popular being the longline nursing bra. The Nikki longline will make you feel like your pre-pregnancy self...

    Benefits of wearing a Clasp-free Cotton Nursing Bra for Sleep

    Wearing lightweight high-quality cotton sexy nursing bras made for nursing mothers is the best way to go. Mayana Genevière’s ALUXTRA clasp-free feature makes it very easy to nurse in the night without having to fumble with clips or clasps. It’s comfortable to wear so you won’t feel like you have anything on. Our high-quality cotton sleep nursing bras are a new Mama’s dream. Fuller cup mamas rejoice, they are beautiful, comfortable, and supportive so you won’t slip out at night. Our nursing bras also provide full coverage for breastfeeding mothers so you always feel secure.

    Cute Nursing Bra and Lace Bralette Collection Online

    When you’re breastfeeding your new baby, you don’t want the fabric smooshing your baby’s face or getting in the way of skin-to-skin contact with your little one. At Mayana Genevière, we design sexy nursing bras that are both easy to nurse in with their pull-down features and also consider skin-to-skin. They are made to make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and supported during a time you may not feel it. Our collection of nursing bras includes a range of sexy cotton nursing bras, including the Alexander lace nursing bralette, Lorenna Wireless Nursing Bra, and Nikki Longline Bra.

    Get Your Nursing Bras Lingerie Designed With Ease in Mind

    Most of the nursing bras available are designed to be temporary and so aren’t made with high-quality materials or are functional. Rarely can you find a beautiful, comfortable, and functional nursing bra. Mayana Genevière considers breastfeeding mothers when designing sexy nursing bras, which not only look beautiful but also make you feel comfortable while feeding your baby. We emphasize sustainability and want you to love your bra and wear it for years to come. Discover our collection and get the most beautiful, high-quality, and ethically made nursing bras online.

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