MG 2022 Wrapped

MG 2022 Wrapped

This year has been tough. Just when we thought we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (pandemic), we're moving into another challenging times especially as a small business.

It's okay if this year you have zero resolutions, we don't need to reinvent ourselves every year. It's okay if things are not the way you planned or they were not accomplished before December 31.

A new year is an opportunity for you to slow down and revisit what's really important - YOU!

Here are some lessons we learned:

1. Just because it doesn’t workout in our timing doesn’t mean it's not possible.

2. I never thought of our space as spectacular its just where we work. But i realize we have something special, we might not appreciate the work that we put in that other people can. What might be simple to you is amazing to others - don’t get in your own way!

3. We have to support one another where society falls short. When women come together their health outcomes are better. Educating ourselves allows us to break generational stigmas to take control of our health and wellbeing.

4. We deserve rest without guilt. Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is take time to rest away for screens, work and even responsibility - mindfully of course!!

5. As mothers, sometimes investing in yourself can be challenging, but it is equally as important as the investment we make into others. You never know how your presence impacts others and who’s watching.

6. When it comes to sizing, remember there is no industry standard for sizing so don't let the numbers dictate how you feel about yourself - let go of what you think you SHOULD be and focus on what fits, makes you feel comfortable and supported.

7. Normalizing buying intimate things for the women in your life. There is nothing better than a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Occasions are not needed to give something to someone who doesn't put their needs first and can have such an impact.

8. Put yourself out there and accept help when it’s offered. Admitting you need support in some areas doesn’t mean you’re not capable.

For all the lessons we learned this year at MG, check out the link in bio for our MG 2022 Wrapped Blog.

Wishing you a abundance of health, love, healing, and happiness and continued success.

See you in 2023 MG FAM!

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