With this being a challenging time for us all, purchasing a mask should be the least of your concerns.  Take confidence in knowing our non-medical masks have always met the recommended requirements.

As you may know, we've taken our expertise (as an ethically made luxury brand who’s focus is on fit, function and beauty in undergarments) and applied that to the design and development of your masks and thanks to your feedback along the way, our masks are 5-star rated.

As the vaccine program rolls out in combination with the rise of VOC’s (Variants of Concern) mask wearing continues to be an essential part of our daily routine.

Interestingly enough, masks are very similar to underwear in that they require a great level of care, need to be a good fit to work effectively, should be breathable and comfortable and most importantly, need to be cleaned after every use.

After a solid year+ of perfecting mask making, we’ve gathered a list of best practices, and frequently asked questions we receive on a daily basis to help alleviate some of the concerns and questions you may have, while we get through the final stages of this pandemic together.   


Note: Our masks do not contain graphene or graphene oxide. 

When you’re looking for a quality mask we know the ones that perform the best to minimize droplet contact are made with 3 layers 2 of which are 100% tightly woven quilters cotton (meaning the weave of the thread is tight and dense) with a minimum of 600 TPI (Threads per inch) that fit snug and comfortable for a full day wear without the need for adjustment. 


An easy way to tell if your mask made with the correct fabric are the following:

  1. Hold it up against the light - you should not be able to see through it. (Fabric Density)
  2. Blow out a candle - Air should not be able to pass through it freely. (Fabric Density)
  3. It should maintain its shape. Your mask should be able to maintain structure in a “standing” position.  (Fabric Type) Think tablecloth fabric (woven is recommended) instead of T-shirt fabric (Knit is not recommended)

MASKNE: Avoid Maskne by wearing masks that are natural in fabric and not synthetic (as recommended).  This will allow your skin to breath and have a much gentler touch on your skin. Wash your masks daily to avoid bacterial build up from make-up (which is recommended).

Check out the video below for our quick hack to insert the filter into your Mayana Geneviere masks so it offers the best of three layers.

How to Insert Polypropylene Filter in your Adult Mask

Click here for more videos on how to insert a polypropylene filter in the adult large or children's masks.



With the rise of the VOC’s (Variants of Concern) we now know that wearing three layers is recommended.  We’ve immediately sourced Polypropylene from a US manufacturer based on a multitude of recommendations including weave type and fabric weight.  We have laser cut (heat sealed) every filter in Canada according to the exact dimensions of your Mayana Genevière mask so they fit perfectly inside.

Based on the filter fabric manufacturer recommendations, these filters can be washed and re-used for approximately 5 times before they should be replaced. SHOP 100% POLYPROPYLENE FILTERS

You will need to position it correctly to provide full mouth and nose coverage as recommended by Public Health Canada. 


Family masks with mother father and children in non-medical face masks

When considering a mask fit is equally as important.  Your masks should fit comfortably over your nose and under your chin while talking and should not slide around. It  should be adjustable since we have learned the shape of our faces differ from one person to another. We originally designed one adult mask but over time, based on your feedback, we have since expanded to three sizes within the adult mask category along with children’s mask. 

An easy way to tell if your masks will fit correctly is to use the following markers:

  1. Adjustable Ear Loops -  Adjustable ear loops are crucial to extend the coverage of the mask based on the projection of your face to form a snug side fit.
  2. Nose Wire - are essential to prevent glasses from fogging.
  3. Size Matters - Your mask should fit as close to your face measurements as possible to ensure a snug fit with a tight seal for full day comfortable wear without having to adjust your mask.

How to Add Rubber Toggles to your Ear Loops


Woman in lace masks with flowers getting married.

When masks first came on the scene our focus was on making them functional.  Over time our creative juices were flowing (naturally) and we wanted to incorporate more of our personality into these pieces to encourage women to not only wear a mask but to enjoy doing so in the process.  

Every mask is made with care by our skilled artisans from beginning to end.  The delicate lace pieces are cut and carefully placed on the front of the mask with precision and sewn on with invisible thread so as to not distract from the beautiful intricate patterns. Learn more about our Glamour Masks here.

What we didn’t expect was how much of an impact these masks would have on our emotional well-being.  While many events were cancelled - life isn’t.  You found creative ways to celebrate yourselves and enjoy the process.  Whether for a pick me up or a special occasion we are so proud to be with you in these moments. 


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