Undergarments for Endometriosis Support

With Endometriosis affecting 1 in 10 women, it’s crucial that you find comfort and relief from your undergarments to relieve some discomfort during your most vulnerable time of the month. We’ve designed our undergarments to support, give you comfort, and make you feel beautiful on those days where you need it most. 

Discover undergarments designed for your mental and physical wellbeing to support your Endo Journey.


On days where you have flare ups or your period your underwear is the LAST thing that should be bothering you, in fact it should make you feel supported and comforted. Our fuller organic cotton gussets are 100% breathable, soft, and won’t give you skin irritations.


Our stretchy high waist undergarments will support you especially if you experience the discomfort of #endobelly. It also serves you as a great layer between your skin and a hot water bottle. Gives you support without the extreme tightness of holding everything in too much, so you can still move around with ease and breathe comfortably while feeling secure.

High Waist Panty

feels Buttery soft and smooth with a flexible four-way stretch THAT HUGS AND SUPPORTS YOUR BODY.

If you’re tired of frumpy granny panties, meet our high quality beautiful lace undergarments that make you feel good, especially on days you may not be feeling it. Our exclusive signature stretch lace gives you the extra TLC you need to feel comfortable, beautiful, and supported. Engineered by scratch with natural materials to be soft, smooth, and scratch-free.

Control High Cut Brief

Designed for for easy movement with targeted double-ply tummy control and lined with breathable 100% Cotton panel FOR BREAHTABILITY AND COMFORT.
Founder's Story
My Experience with Endo

When I was diagnosed with endometriosis the comfort and function of my undergarments quickly became a priority once again, very reminiscent of my postpartum recovery days. I cannot stress enough how undergarments impact your quality of life and we've designed this especially with your health and wellbeing in mind.

Endometriosis & The Gender Bias in Medical Care

This past year the preventable death of a young woman diagnosed with endometriosis has not only changed our lives, it further highlighted the Bias towards women and that lack of urgencency surrounding this debilitating disease.  I felt it was important to share my story in hopes of educating and bringing awareness to this common yet neglected condition.

The Carmina high waist panty is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Just enough stretch and control to make these the perfect panty.


They are so pretty, and so feminine but also perfectly functional. They have amazing coverage, they stay put and the waist does not roll down. They are perfect!


he fit of the brief is perfect and I love the combination of lace and sheer fabric. The lines and cut of the piece are incredibly flattering! I definitely feel sexy in these while also feeling adequately covered!



Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.