What's the difference between a Canadian Brand & a Canadian Made Brand?

Canadian company may have been founded or designed by Canadians but it offshores all of it's production in countries that may not have basic labor or environment laws.

Made in Canada brands DO THIS:

1. Produce their products on Canadian soil. All our products are manufactured in Toronto.

2. Ensures employees are under safe working conditions. Canadian workers are regulated by labor laws.

3. Respects the environment by not dumping. Fashion companies are notorious for dumping excess clothes, dyes, in landfills, oceans, etc. Made in Canada brands are regulated by environmental laws to prevent this.

4. Reduces carbon footprint by cutting out long shipping distances. We ship straight from our Toronto factory to your Canadian residence.

Offshoring production allows many large companies to get away with paying employees unfair wages, and engage in practices that are harmful to the environment.

These companies then claim they are a "Canadian brand" which can be confusing as a consumer.

Now that you know this, keep an eye open when you see language like "Designed in Canada", "Canadian roots", etc, and dig deeper into where the products are made.

We're very proud to produce in Canada and support our economy, by employing Canadians and giving back to local community initiatives.

If you still have holiday shopping for yourself, your family, your stylish friend, or your partner, shopping Made in Canada is guaranteed to have a thoughtful impact.

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Our Community loves Canadian Made


"This is my second purchase and I’m once again so impressed by the quality and care that goes into each piece. I also love that I’m supporting a Canadian brand."

Carrin V.

Toronto, Ontario


"Quick delivery and great quality of material. Happy to support made-in-canada face masks"

Stella W.

Waterloo, Ontario


"This is the best quality face mask I have purchased so far. I spent a lot of time looking for a mask with 3-layers and that was made in Canada, I couldn't be happier with my purchase"

Nicole C.

Calgary, Alberta


"Wonderful to find a pretty, sexy product that fits perfectly, provides some tummy control, and has a cotton gusset. And happy to find all these features in aCanadian-made product."

Lori K.

Vancouver, British Columbia