Finally, Clasp-Free Bras
that Don't Scream Maternity


Tired of nursing bras that are uncomfortable, unflattering and unsupportive? Your bras should make you feel comfortable, beautiful and support your whole journey.

We made the World’s ONLY patented clasp-free design ALUXTRA® to make you feel like yourself again.

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Hear from Happy Mamas


"I bought it as an investment that would last me from pregnancy through to breastfeeding and after since the no clasp design means it doesn’t feel or look like a nursing bra. "

Sarah N.

"I was hopeful but skeptical, because we all know how hard it is to find ethically made, comfortable, natural material bras that support post baby, post breastfeeding boobs. This bra is everything I hoped for and more, plus it's gorgeous and makes me feel sexy and secure in my skin again. Absolutely love it!"

Tess F.

"I wanted something I could nurse in and could evolve with my changing motherhood body. Magical! I also feel so beautiful in it. I feel like this is the only bra i need in my drawer! Thank you for the amazing service, the sizing and the ethical production!"

Jane R.

"I’m obsessed with this bra…It’s so comfortable, fits well, pulls down easily to nurse and is so so gorgeous. It’s hard to find a nursing friendly bra that actually looks good, but this one is pure perfection!"

Lauren F.

Hear from Mamas!

Voted Best Nursing Bra

" They reinvented the concept of a nursing bra so there’s no more annoying clasp...It’s so beautiful you’ll want to keep wearing it after you no longer nurse. "

-Glamour Magazine