Hi Friend,

Women are the backbone of society in our schools, communities, and families and the last few weeks have been exceptionally heavy.

We too have taken what we believe was a much-needed break to make space for the importance of what is happening in the world and process how we’re feeling.

In that time we were reminded that before we can act, we have to give ourselves permission to rest guilt-free because women are the leaders of mobilizing.

If you’re like us and feel you didn’t get as much done as you intended last week, remember it’s okay to hold space for you too, rest is also productive.

We have decided to reschedule the launch of the Rest is Resistance collection to coincide with our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

I am beyond excited to share with you that after 2 years we are re-opening our doors for in person fittings and experiences where you can champion your well-being and see exactly where and how your pieces are made!

As a subscriber, you are automatically enrolled in our list, and will have FIRST access - so you won't need to sign up to be a part of the re-opening.

We have so many fun plans in the works for the relaunch of our space, and needed collections so keep an eye out on our Instagram and your inbox!

Warm regards,
Nadine & MG Team

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