Mask Bundle - Eyelash Lace Mask (White) + SOAK
White Bridal Eyelash Face Mask
Mask Bundle - Eyelash Lace Mask (White) + SOAK
Mask Bundle - Eyelash Lace Mask (White) + SOAK

Lace Mask Bundle

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Experience our versatile and eye-catching lace masks that begs the question: “Where’d you get that?”  AND SOAK together.

The eyelash mask is designed to add a delicate touch with a two-tone design.  The eyelash scalloped border  is gently raised above the mask for a peek-a-boo effect.  This mask is classic elegance that can be paired with any outfit.  Make a statement and show off your personality with this unique design. Whether you are going to dinner or attending an important event this mask takes your outfit to a whole other level.  Perfect for a bride-to-be, her bridesmaids or a wedding attendee.

This exclusive eyelash mask is delicately made by hand using an invisible thread to enhance the intricate lace design. Made with quality craftsmanship and care by our skilled artisans in Toronto, this precise process makes each mask unique. Masks are made with 100% woven quilters cotton and have a high thread count so it delivers on style and function.  It is enhanced with an adjustable nose wire and ear loops for a comfortable fit.  They are breathable and super gentle on the skin for all-day wear.

Eyelash Masks are limited edition and are made in small quantities.   


  • Adjustable nose wire (prevents fogging of glasses)
  • Soft elastic ear loops
  • Contoured stylish and distinct feminine look
  • Washable & reusable, these masks are made to last
  • Comes with a reusable plastic pouch for transport
  • Made in Toronto, Canada


  • 3-Layers with polypropylene filter
  • Inner/outer layer: 100% tightly woven cotton as recommended
  • Middle layer (filter): non-woven polypropylene for moisture resistance
  • Lace overlay


    • O/S fits most  (based off adult face mask)
    • 6" nose to chin x 10" ear to ear

    When you care for your Mayana Genevière pieces they will continue to care for you. 

    We recommend SOAK -  made in Canada modern laundry care. Its eco-friendly formula makes it a Mayana Genevière essential for the care and keeping of your most coveted pieces.  Hand wash your items with Soak’s hypoallergenic formula that is as delicate on your skin as it is easy on the environment.  Perfect for your laciest lingerie,  or your favourite mask, this is a detergent we trust and love. It’s also great for travel, gifting or guests.

    How it works: Just squeeze and scrub like fabrics together.  Once completed SOAK for 15-20 minutes, squeeze and rinse. Lay  dry. Wash sets (like lingerie) together. 

      • made with plant derived and renewable ingredients
      • biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, sulphate-free
      • safe for hand or machine washing (including HE)
      • flight friendly

    Lacey: Lacey combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.

    Scentless: No fragrances added.

    All of our masks are ethically made in Toronto. We are a licensed PPE facility that operates with high regulatory standards. This mask is not intended for medical use, it is ideal for public outings in addition to social distancing and proper hygiene measures.


    Your masks are 100% cotton with soft a durable high quality elastics.

    To maintain the shape, size and elasticity refer to the following instructions:

    1. We strongly recommend hand washing your masks with warm water.
    2. Use a gentle detergent like Soak, and lightly rub out any makeup, or dirt on the mask. 
    3. Lay the mask flat to dry.
    4.  We do not recommend tumble drying the mask to maintain the integrity of the mask. 
    5. You may iron the mask on low.

    Filter Guidlines

    • Place a recommended filter (Coffee, Vacuum, HEPA etc.) inside the pocket between the two layers of fabric. Use a new filter after every use

    Wear Guide:

    1. Wash mask before first use and after every use.
    2. With clean hands, use the elastic loops to put on and remove your mask to prevent contamination.
    3. Avoid touching your mask from the front while wearing. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    A Classic Twist to Functionality

    I am absolutely in love with my masks! I received the medallion lace mask (gold) for my birthday last October and ended up getting the other eyelash masks (black, white and red) because of how much I adored them. Not only are they high quality and durable items, they work with any fashion choice. Whether I want to dress it up with a cute dress or dress it down with a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater, these masks go with everything!

    I have also been using the soak laundry detergent to take care of my masks and since I have been washing them in October, they still look brand new! Everything is done so meticulously and you can tell that the staff really care about their customers and their product! If you purchase masks from Mayana Geneviere, you will not regret it!

    I feel so luxurious and protected at the same time

    I absolutely LOVE these masks! People are always asking me where I got them. Wherever I go, I'll be wearing these ones - they are so pretty I'll be in them ALL THE TIME. I also appreciate that this company is female & BIPOC owned and all their products are sustainably made.

    The mask is well made!

    I love the lace. It’s very elegant looking & goes with anything . They are quite comfortable & the mask can be pinched around the nose which helps to prevent glasses from fogging up. The thickness & quality of fabric with filters is great. I also purchased filters from you for it.


    Easy on-line ordering and the product arrived quickly, well wrapped and it looks beautiful.


    A beautiful looking and durable product. Excellent fit. Easy to care for.

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