5 Love Languages that Improve your Relationship with Yourself

5 Love Languages that Improve your Relationship with Yourself

When it comes to being loved do you feel fulfilled or misunderstood ? In our journey to self-love we are sharing one of the many tools we found helpful in our interactions with the people we love most!

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 love languages that can enhance our relationships with ourselves and loved ones.

These love languages describe five ways people receive and express love in a relationship, Knowing your partners and letting them know yours can help you both feel loved and appreciated.

Even thought the findings were studied with heterosexual couples, according to Chapman, love languages also apply to relationships between parents and children, co-workers, and friends!

Learning these love languages are one of the most popular tools to enhancing our relationships. Have you heard of the 5 Love languages? 



Sisters Rachel and Ruth holding hands in their Mayana Geneviere Undergarments.

Words of affirmation are about expressing affection through spoken words, praise, or appreciation such as uplifting quotes, love notes, and cute text messages.

Affirmations or positive self-talk is a powerful motivational tool - poems, sayings, quotes are all great reminders to remind you you are loved and a daily journal of gratitude.


Sisters Rachel and Ruth laying in their Mayana Geneviere Undergarments.

Quality time is given through undivided attention putting down the cell phone, making eye contact, and actively listening - being present and focused on the other person. People who love quality time appreciate quality over quantity.

Quality time for ourselves includes journaling, meditating, being one with nature and engaging in a hobby that brings you joy sometimes it can look like no to others and yes to yourself or setting a date for you to do something alone to recharge!


Sisters Rachel and Ruth holding hands in their Mayana Geneviere Undergarments.

People who appreciate Physical Touch feel loved when they receive hugs from friends and family, cuddles with their children or pets, their partner holds their hand, or gives them a foot massage at the end of the day.

Physical touch for ourselves looks like a warm bath, daily exercise, a moisturizing routine or wearing clothing that make us feel great just for ourselves, especially comfortable beautiful undergarments just for ourselves!


Sisters Rachel and Ruth in their Mayana Geneviere Undergarments.

This person feels loved and appreciated when someone does nice things for them such as errands, or the little things that are thoughtful. They can be found doing these acts of service for others.

Acts of service can look like organizing our space, cooking a beautiful meal for ourselves, making up the bed, booking appointments we've been putting off.


Rachel sitting in her Mayana Geneviere Undergarments.

Gift-giving is the time, thought and effort the gift-giver put into it. These are not directly related to holidays. Gifting a new mom MG nursing friendly lingerie can go along way in support Self gifts look like: Buying ourselves flowers or a thoughtful card. Investing in quality items we've wanted but have put off because of putting others first or hope someone will get it for us ( that includes beautiful lingerie) Enjoying a solo dinner or dessert!



Identify your love language by observing how you feel in the following circumstances - how do you feel when:

  • Someone shares how much they appreciate you or praises something you did?

  • Surprises you with a meaningful gift?

  • Spends an evening having meaningful conversation?

  • Runs the errands or cooks you a meal?

  • Gives you a foot massage?

Answering these questions could give you a hint as to what your love language might be. According to Dr. Chapman’s book, you could also try to recall what kinds of things you ask for in a relationship, or consider how you express love in your life.

Whats your love language? Drop your number’s in the comments!

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