Speak up for Motherhood

Mothers, our struggles are interconnected.  

Most moms can share in the demand for equal pay and opportunity, the right to feed their child without being harassed, the ability to raise their children free from judgement from friends and family, equity in running the home by dismantling of gender roles, and to be acknowledged for their invisible mental load.

But when it comes to status, allegiance to our identities, and fear of speaking up for humanity, motherhood has become fractured.

Have you considered, the sooner we act as a collective the safer our children, families and communities will be?

What if we divested from over consumption, endless self-care and celebrity culture as a way to cope?

What if we made a commitment that goes beyond the desire for flowers, cards and brunch for one day?

What if instead, we were dedicated to ending the senseless slaughter in Gaza, Congo, Sudan, and every corner of the world where violence rages unchecked?

We have the power to enact change - why aren't we maximizing it?

As mothers, we understand the pain of loss, the fear for our children's safety, and the longing for support. So let’s channel that maternal instinct into action NOW.

If we want a better world for our own well-being, we have to share our world with others who want the same.

If we want healthier communities, we have to be in community with everyone.

If we are not seeing ourselves represented and are disappointed by wellness circles, mom groups and spaces that are perpetuating the status quo - we have to step into discomfort and actively seek new connection with people who want REAL change.

If we want to stop seeing this cycle of violence and terror inflicted on children, mothers and families in Gaza, university students standing up for humanity, to the medical racism that deeply affects Black maternal health, constantly showing up in our feeds - then WE have to be on the front lines demanding these horrors STOP.

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not - Motherhood IS political.

Your voice IS directly related to change.

The longer we work against one another choosing individuality over solidarity, or stay in silence, the longer our rights will continue to be stripped, our bodies will continuously be a target, our effort for equality will be deferred - EVERYWHERE.

 Let this mother's day fuel you to, use your voice and your privilege and demand accountability from those in power, and stand in solidarity with mothers everywhere who are fighting for an end to oppression and demanding a ceasefire and equity for ALL.

 Mother’s Day can be joyous and filled with gratitude it can also be challenging and emotional - the one thing we can all do to honour how we feel is to put our humanity FIRST.

I see myself reflected in every mother’s struggle, all children are my children - when we reframe our mindset to speak up for those who are the most oppressed, most vulnerable, experience the most violence and tragedy, and use our voices to centre their voices FIRST - life in motherhood will change for us ALL.



A 💌 for Mother’s and our relationship with motherhood. Thinking of all of you who work endlessly for a better opportunity for you and your families and are speaking out against the atrocities of genocide today and everyday.

Our hearts are heavy and filled with hope.

No mother or child deserves to die - please use your platform to keep raising awareness and demand your voice is heard. Motherhood depends on it.

Nadine & The Mayana Family ❤️ 

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