Performance Lace™ Undergarments for Everyday, Motherhood through Menopause. 

This collection is made with our revolutionary Performance Lace™. It's our most resilient lace yet that has unmatched comfort and support.

1. Flexible lace means no more tightness or restrictions on your movement

2. Accommodates breast fluctuations to minimize breast pain during changes. 

3. Won't lose shape or support after a few washes. No more flimsy supports that don't make you feel secure.


NEW Performance Lace™

Made with NEW Performance Lace™ and ALUXTRA® technology, our bras provide secure support that adjusts to your changing body, making them ideal for women with fuller cups, and those experiencing pregnancy, nursing, menopause, weight fluctuation, or their period.

The wireless design offers a supportive lift and eliminates the discomfort and irritation of underwire. 

This fabric can stretch in all four directions, including up and down and side to side, allowing the garment to move and stretch with the body. This helps to minimize the feeling of tightness and restriction, providing a more comfortable and supportive fit that moves with you. 

Experience Style and Comfort with Our Versatile Lace Bras: Perfect for Foundation or Outerwear

Have you ever felt like your bras are just functional but lacking in style and design? It can be frustrating to wear a bra that doesn't make you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Our undergarments combine the functionality of a supportive bra with timeless design elements of beautiful custom laces, to give you a versatile and fashionable solution.

You can wear our lace bras as foundation garments, providing lift and support under any outfit, or as outerwear, allowing you to pair the intricate lace detailing and design with your staple wardrobe.

Durable Lace Undergarments Designed to Last Through Years and Stages

Mayana Genevière Performance Lace™ undergarments won’t fray or lose their shape after a few washes. With our exclusive timeless designs, you can wear your garments as a foundational piece or as outerwear for a variety of occasions and stages in your life.

By investing in our durable lace undergarment, you'll have a reliable and stylish addition to your wardrobe that will maintain its shape and quality through years of use.

Stay Comfy All Day with our Breathable and Organic Lace Undergarments

Our undergarments are made with organic cotton, recycled lace, and natural materials like TENCEL™ Modal, providing superior comfort and being better for both your health and the environment.

The organic cotton used in our undergarments is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, making it a safer and more eco-friendly choice for the environment and your skin. 

TENCEL™ Modal is a wood-based fiber that is naturally moisture wicking and keeps you dry and cool. 

Nursing Just Got Easier: Lace Undergarments with Clasp-free, One-Handed Access

Our clasp-free nursing friendly bras are designed with a unique wireless Aluxtra technology, providing a comfortable and seamless fit without the bulk and discomfort of traditional clasps.

This innovative design makes it easier for new mothers to quickly and easily adjust their bra with one hand while nursing. The performance lace fabric also adds to the comfort and durability of our bras, making them the perfect choice for women who need nursing support and are on-the-go.

With our clasp-free nursing friendly bras, women can enjoy the convenience and ease of breastfeeding without sacrificing style, comfort, or support.