Feedback from women, mothers and industry professionals who have worked with, purchased and tested our products. If you are enjoying your garments, we’d love to hear from you!

“I’ve purchased the Loren Thong from Mayana Genevière® in search of a sexy, functional and comfortable shape wear that doesn’t restrict my body. It is a personal favourite that I wear regularly especially with dresses, as it is high waisted, remains snug and seamless... ladies, it stays in place after a night of dancing!

I have and can wear the Loren all day, everyday without worry – I love it! It is a special piece that every woman must have in her intimate collection.”

Alicia B. Winnipeg, MB, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Being a mom of two children has its rewards and challenges all at the same time. After giving up on nursing my daughter after 6 weeks I didn’t know how it would go with baby number two. To my surprise, my son had a great latch and was a natural at nursing. I actually started to enjoy the bonding and of course the savings on formula. The one down fall was that I was nursing in the summer and all my nursing bras had thick straps with hardware that I hated the look of when wearing tank tops. Not only that but I would always be struggling with unhooking and hooking up the hardware during feedings in the dark, on buses, planes and public areas.

While modeling the Mayana Genevière® line in the fall, I fell in love with the gorgeous bras and panties. It made me feel sexy, feminine and new again. I also loved the simplicity of the straps (no hardware or thick bra straps) and there was no uncomfortable wire digging into me. The lines of the bra were great to wear with tank tops or anything with a spaghetti strap. I loved the corsets as well, they acted as shape wear and a sexy look for in the bedroom that made me feel like a bombshell. I also loved loved love the small details of the gems in the middle which acted as a reminder of which side to start with after the last feeding! So smart and simple!

I’ve recommended this line to my soon-to-be mommy friends who are looking for a good pre and post maternity bra line. If I decide to go for baby number 3 I will be filling my lingerie drawers with Mayana Genevière®’s entire line!

Thank you Nadine for thinking of us mommies and developing a line that is functional and sexy all at the same time!”

Cherlynn M. Hamilton, ON, Mom of 2
"Mayana Genevière® lingerie is beautifully crafted to make you feel alive and in touch with your sexy self. The lace details and corseted structure were such a delight compared to the sports bra feeling of other maternity undergarments. For the first time since having my baby, I actually wanted my partner to see me in just my bra and underwear - the line is simply that sexy!"
Kim H. Toronto, ON, Mom of 1
“Mayana Genevière® is the most beautiful and functional postpartum lingerie line I have ever had the opportunity to wear. The bras are ground-breaking with the sliding reminder nursing gem along with their unique ALUXTRA™ function that folds over and supports the breast so moms can focus on the task at hand. I love the high waist, supportive panties that help to assist in recovery of the pelvic floor. This line has thought of everything when it comes to style, support and functionality and I recommend Mayana Genevière® to all of my clientele.”
Samantha Montpetit-Huynh Co-Owner Bellies Inc., Mother of 2
​ The waist closure garments have provided excellent function to permit gentle compression for midline closure while offering supreme comfort and flexibility around the torso. The garment stays nicely anchored all day just where it needs to be.

These garments have offered an excellent adjunct to healing across the midline for my​ for my patients with Diastasis Rectus Abdominis.

Emily A., Registered Physiotherapist
As a young professional I was looking for something sexy yet supportive. I can't tell you how hard that is to find especially with most lace bras on the market today either wired which can be uncomfortable or bralette style that offer little to no support. I love the Lorenna wireless lace bra, it is ridiculously comfortable so much so I purchased two to rotate! They are a dream to travel in, and great for everyday wear. Would highly recommend for the woman in search or a wireless that supports like a wire and is constantly on the go!
Christine V., Small Business Owner, NYC, US
After years of battling with my cysts, I finally had a hysterectomy this fall. The bottoms were comfortable and flattering and the cotton lined panel was ideal for my incision healing. The look of the panties sell themselves!
Denise B, Toronto, ON, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 4
I have had female reproductive issues for quite some time. The pain and bloating were uncomfortable by-products of my condition. The corset was a worthy investment in my wardrobe, it was comfortable and supportive without squeezing my insides. I have also purchased other underwear since which have all be a nice change from the medical looking shapewear or frumpy cotton bottoms.
Amy, Vancouver, BC, Sales Representative