Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

I know for us as women, the load over the past few years can only be described as an emotional journey filled with challenges and learnings of how to care for our own well-being in a society that really hasn’t.  

Let’s be real. Taking care of ourselves is not always at the forefront of our minds.

It’s easy to neglect ourselves in so many ways. Whether it be how we dress, our new daily routines, or the lack of community support that affects our mental health, the list can be long.

Now more than ever, our community is our biggest strength. Over the years we have become a brand synonymous with supporting women in their most vulnerable stages.

This year we decided to invest in the community and work with women in the industry to have uncensored conversations around taboo topics.

For our first event, we created a safe space to talk about the symptoms, feelings, and signs of Menopause and provided resources and inspiration to support women in advocating for themselves and one another in a non-clinical setting. 

We know that when women come together our outcomes are better. This is why we’re so passionate about continuing to hold community events where we have intimate conversations with experts around challenging topics around women’s health and well-being. 

As a social enterprise that invests our profits into community activities, every purchase has a lasting impact. 

We’re proud to share your values and beliefs and to continue creating quality products and services for you to enjoy.

If you resonate with our values, keep showing support by investing in our products, amplify our movement with a referral to friends/family, review your MG products, and share our content; these small actions go a long way. 

Let’s continue to grow the communities of women supporting women.

Warm regards, 
Founder of MG

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