Embrace New Motherhood with Quality Shapewear for Postpartum

    The Postpartum period becomes a very vulnerable time for Women. The changes in identity we feel and our yearning to connect with ourselves in our new bodies are why we designed beautiful, comfortable, and supportive shapewear to support you in your postpartum journey. Our shapewear for the postpartum belly is made with organic cotton and recycled materials that are breathable to promote healing. Our supportive compression pieces smooth and support you so that you feel comfortable and held together all day long. These undergarments have light to medium compression and are safe to wear right after your delivery. Postpartum shapewear bodysuits are made to support your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, with extra tummy coverage.

    Many studies have recently validated that most moms feel insecure about their body image postpartum, which is at its all-time lowest in childbearing years. Our undergarments are designed to immediately help you feel your best postpartum while also giving you the healing function and support you need for recovery. The support in every garment is undetectable and makes you feel like when you wear your favorite pieces of clothing. A favorite for all Mamas - the Nayana postpartum shapewear bodysuit gives you shaping support in all the right places and is truly a versatile wardrobe staple with endless options to style.  

    Our postpartum shaping garments have tummy control to support your healing. These shapewear garments support women of all shapes and sizes. All the postpartum shapewear styles are made with the highest quality durable materials and are designed to be worn for years after your postpartum recovery. 

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