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Top 3 Ways to Care for Yourself Postpartum

the ultimate self-care guide

Live your best life after baby

The postpartum experience is different for all women, and if it’s your first child, you might be unsure what to expect. Having a baby is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding, and while it’s tempting to focus all of your energy on your little one during the postpartum period, it’s also vital to tend to your own wellbeing. So we've summarized the top 3 ways to care for yourself postpartum.

1. Support Your Mental Health

Treat yourself with love, attention and patience during a time where you may well feel overwhelmed with new responsibilities. Journaling is a fantastic way to express any emotions you may be feeling during the postpartum weeks, and all you need is a pen and paper to get started.

2. Find Time to Pamper Yourself

The postpartum period might involve a few sleepless nights, so why not rejuvenate yourself by finding time for a luxurious pamper session? No one can resist a soothing bubble bath, soconsider splashing out in some scented bath oils and let the water cleanse and nurture you as you heal. It’s also a great chance to nourish your skin and hair with hydrating masks and washes.

3. Invest in Comfortable Bras

One of the biggest physical changes you’re bound to experience after giving birth is transformations in the size, shape, feel, and function of your breasts. The ligaments inside your breasts give them their shape, however the extra weight caused by breast milk can pull and stretch your Cooper's ligaments. Therefore,breastfeeding bras and comfy undergarments are essential to properly support your breasts and provide comfort in what can be a not-so-comfortable time.

Invest in Yourself

One thing we hear very often is why invest in a nursing bra if it’s temporary? While this may be true, those days are the longest temporary moments of our lives for some. Don’t feel you have to sacrifice your beauty in the postpartum period - treat yourself to one of the best nursing bras available and feel like yourself while caring for your little one. Get yourself a bra that will last beyond your nursing days and still make you feel cared for.