Asses environmental hormonal disruptors

Assess environmental hormonal disruptors

The chemical loads from your environment have been proven to disrupt your hormones exposing our bodies to the absorption of these chemicals making endometriosis symptoms worse. Here are ways to minimize exposure:

  • Plastic and BPA are hormone disruptors. Also known as endocrine disruptors, which are chemicals that alter reproduction function- switch to glass when possible and do not heat up food in plastic.
  • Wearing underwear made with natural fabrics and low impact dyes 
  • Using reusable cotton or disposable organic cotton pads 
  • Many cleaning products, detergent and fabric softeners contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body and look for natural alternatives.
  • Be mindful of Body products containing fragrance and other chemicals 

Fact: Using non organic period products can worsen endometriosis symptoms because they contain harsh chemicals like dioxins and perfumes that can cause irritation.  Wearing comfortable yet supportive underwear with Organic Cotton gussets are so important. It helps keep your intimate area chemical-free a proven healthier choice for your body.

“In addition, women—especially those in child-bearing years—were excluded from clinical trials for many years, in part to protect them and their fetuses from potential adverse effects. Researchers also felt that they could not adequately control for women’s variable hormonal status. “Because we have studied women less, we know less about them,” Clayton says. “The result is that women may not have always received the most optimal care.”