Following the birth of her daughter, Nadine M. Wood was introduced to the world of nursing bras and shapewear out of necessity. She immediately recognized the impact of the physical changes a woman experiences post birth and the significance it can have beyond childbearing years.

Shocked by the lack of foundational garments required for recovery combined with the absence of resources available to navigate the physical transformation of a woman’s body, Nadine envisioned a line that satisfies the right to have the best of both worlds. Mayana Genevière® was created to fulfill the desire for functional, sexy and supportive intimate apparel that address the needs of women transitioning through life’s many changes.

Since brand inception Nadine has conducted extensive research and prototyping which led to the development of functional pieces including her innovative solution ALUXTRA™ Clasp-Free Technology. This patented signature feature is exclusive to Mayana Genevière®bra collections and was designed to bridge the gap between high fashion lingerie and maternity undergarments.

Today, a combination of first-hand experience and industry expertise has fuelled Nadine’s devotion to cultivate and enhance the intimate beauty of women. She continuously works closely with a broad spectrum of professionals dedicated to understanding women’s health, postnatal recovery and the physical and mental changes women experience throughout life's stages.

True to her socially responsible nature, Nadine has brought production in-house to eliminate ethical, environmental and human rights concerns known in the garment manufacturing industry. She has founded Maternal Goddess®, a non-profit organization. As Executive Director, she is dedicated to enhancing education and awareness of the unspoken realities of women's postnatal health.