How Quality Underwear Helps Endometriosis

If you’re anything like me; solutions to make your quality of life better are everything. 

When I was diagnosed with endometriosis the comfort and function of my undergarments quickly became a priority once again, very reminiscent of my postpartum recovery days. I cannot stress enough how undergarments impact your quality of life.

On days where you have flare ups or your period your underwear is the LAST thing that should be bothering you, in fact it should make you feel supported and comforted. 

Things to look for in your underwear:

  • Stretch with support
  • Natural fabrics that reduce your exposure to chemicals.
  • comfort design with fuller gussets and tummy coverage.

Living with endo I LIVE in my MG underwear that are literally designed to do just that. If you’re tired of frumpy granny panties to get you through those difficult days here are they provide solutions. 

  • I made sure our high waist underwear stretched but still offers support without stretching out  -  ideal if you experience the discomfort of #endobelly plus it doubles as a great layer between your skin and hot water bottle.
  • Reducing our chemical load has been proven to improve symptoms of endometriosis. Sustainable in the name of health, I am very intentional in our fabric selections all our undergarments are made with natural fabrics that are breathable especially in the gusset. 
  • They’re beautiful and they LAST. Something to make you feel a little better about yourself especially on days when we don’t.