Top 3 Ways to Care for Yourself Postpartum

Top 3 Ways to Care for Yourself Postpartum

The postpartum experience is different for all women, and if it’s your first child, you might be unsure what to expect. Having a baby is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding, and while it’s tempting to focus all of your energy on your little one during the postpartum period, it’s also vital to tend to your own wellbeing.

Remember that following the birth of your baby, your body will need a while to recover. Though physical changes can be difficult to come to terms with, it’s important to remember that your body has done something truly amazing. So if you’re not quite feeling like yourself in the weeks or months after the birth – that’s totally normal! And it’s also okay to not love every aspect of postpartum life. Many mothers feel this way and you are definitely not alone. In fact, as many as 50 to 75% of new mothers experience ‘baby blues’ after delivery, which highlights exactly why it’s so important to take care of yourself.

So how can we, as women, deal with postpartum struggles? At Mayana Geneviére, we believe that self-love is the best kind of love. And self-care shouldn’t have to be a special indulgence or a once-a-week affair – it should be a necessity because you deserve it. The postpartum period can undoubtedly be challenging for many new mothers, but with our postpartum self-care checklist, we’re here to give you a helping hand to get you feeling back to your best self.



Support Your Mental Health

Your body doesn’t just change physically during the birthing and postpartum process, so it’s essential to show every aspect of yourself some love by tending to your mental health too. Little acts of self-love can make a huge difference when it comes to maintaining your mental wellbeing, so even setting aside five minutes a day to focus on mindfulness can improve your postpartum experience significantly.

We believe it’s crucial for new moms to put themselves at the top of their priority list (along with their babies), so remember to treat yourself with love, attention and patience during a time where you may well feel overwhelmed with new responsibilities. Journaling is a fantastic way to express any emotions you may be feeling during the postpartum weeks, and all you need is a pen and paper to get started.


By tracking your feelings day-to-day, you can easily identify negative thought patterns and trigger points and come up with action plans to tackle them when they arise. Reciting positive affirmations is great for counteracting negativity – while it may seem silly to keep reminding yourself of your worth, it helps alter your belief system to leave you feeling like you deserve only the best.

Please also remember that the postpartum period is difficult, and it’s perfectly okay to ask for help if you need to. A big part of self-care is allowing yourself to access support, whether that be through chatting to a friend about how you’re feeling or seeking professional advice. Don’t neglect your mental health!



Find Time to Pamper Yourself

The postpartum period might involve a few sleepless nights, so why not rejuvenate yourself by finding time for a luxurious pamper session? No one can resist a soothing bubble bath, so consider splashing out on some scented bath oils and let the water cleanse and nurture you as you heal. It’s also a great chance to nourish your skin and hair with hydrating masks and washes.

Your belly and your breasts go through a lot during the birth and postpartum stage, so it’s worth investing in a high-quality nipple balm and body lotion to soothe your potentially sore skin and show it some love. Many women experience pressure to “get your body back” immediately after birth, not only is this toxic thinking but it is a false narrative designed to make us feel bad about ourselves. At this time, it’s more important to listen to your body, move at your own pace and look after yourself.




Another good tip to overcome toxic ‘bounce-back’ culture is to limit your exposure to social media or any other form of negative celebrity postpartum coverage (like tabloids) that may affect your body image and self-esteem postpartum. Instead, small acts of pampering can replenish your energy levels and get you feeling back to your regular self without any external pressure. Our suggestion? Take all the time you need and ignore anyone who says otherwise.

The MG team understands the trials and tribulations of the postpartum period – after all, we’ve been through it too! However, the power of self-care shouldn’t be underestimated. By paying attention to your physical and mental wellbeing, the postpartum months can be a beautiful time in your life as you bond with your baby and develop as a woman and a mother – because that part of you has just been born too!

The Best Nursing Bras That Don’t Look Like Nursing Bras

A lot of postpartum changes don’t get talked about often. One of the biggest physical changes you’re bound to experience after giving birth is transformations in the size, shape, feel, and function of your breasts. The ligaments inside your breasts give them their shape, however the extra weight caused by breast milk can pull and stretch your Cooper's ligaments. Therefore, breastfeeding bras and comfy undergarments are essential to properly support your breasts and provide comfort in what can be a not-so-comfortable time.

While practical, many traditional nursing bras aren’t overly stylish or flattering. However, at Mayana Genevière, we believe beautiful, functional, and ethically made nursing bras should be available to all women, and that they are crucial not only to your physical well-being but emotional well-being too. That’s why we’ve created lingerie that helps you feel like yourself again, with our unique advanced ALUXTRA™ technology designed by our founder based on her experience of motherhood.



Our innovative yet undetectable design is exclusive to our brand and allows cups to descend and retract without clasps, as well as providing premium support with straps that stay put. This is important for full skin-to-skin contact when breastfeeding. When looking for a bra, it’s important to look for ones with all-natural fibres since your breasts require breathability when they are lactating. This is why all of our bras are lined with 100% organic cotton for breathability and a four way stretch so all your nursing needs are met with these undetectable features.

One thing we hear very often is why invest in a nursing bra if it’s temporary. While this may be true, those days are the longest temporary moments of our lives for some. This feature is extended to every piece in our collection from bras to sleepwear, body suits and bralettes - perfect as an outerwear statement, while also providing all the benefits of ALUXTRA™ technology. Don’t feel you have to sacrifice your beauty in the postpartum period - treat yourself to one of the best nursing bras available and feel like yourself while caring for your little one.

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