How to Wash, Care & Store your Lace Undergarments

Wearing your new Mayana Genevière undergarments is probably a part of your everyday routine by now.

I get it - we tend to wear garments that complement our features and make us feel good in our skin.

We want to help you keep your garments looking brand new and protect them from damage during laundry so they can continue to make you feel great for years to come.

Have you been wondering how to care for your new wardrobe staple?

Many people think lace is difficult to care for, and while yes, lace is delicate, your undergarments are custom-made to be stretchy and durable.

In general, washing lace undergarments brings about a host of delicate laundry practices, habits, and adjustments...One of the biggest challenges of adulting is laundry, folding motherhood into the mix and the laundry list never seems to end. 

This becomes super frustrating when you are searching for a particular piece you know you need for a specific outfit or time of day.  

We all have pieces we love that can get lost in the abyss of the pile or drawer, a frustrating feat that doesn’t seem to end.

To help you make your Mayana Genevière undergarments last and looking fresh, here are helpful ways to wash, care for, and store your undergarments:

Wash Guide

The longevity of your bras is heavily dependent on how you wash them. It is best to hand wash, but we understand hectic lives and laundry days are always being rushed and pushed aside! 


Step 1: Fill up your sink or a washtub with a gallon of cold water and pour in a capful of a gentle detergent. Our favorite detergent is Soak, a made in Canada eco-friendly soap. 

Step 2: Add your garments and let them soak for 15 minutes (it’s ok to let it sit a little longer) and scrub like fabrics together. 

Step 3: Gently squeeze out any excess water and lay them flat to dry. 

Machine Washing 

Step 1: Fasten all hooks & eyes.

Step 2: Put your underwear in a net or lingerie bag to protect it before washing.

Step 3: Use laundry detergent for delicate fabric (chlorine and perborate free).

Step 4: Wash your garments at a low temperature on delicate. 

Step 5: Lay flat to dry. Tumble dryers can ruin fabric, fade colors, weaken elastics and shrink your garments.

How to Store your Undergarments

Soft Cup Bras

Step 1: Tuck the straps behind the bra. 

Step 2: Fold one cup into the other.

Step : Either cascade the bras or stand them upright depending on how much room you have in your drawer! 


Step 1: Start with the backside facing up and fold down the straps 

Step 2: Fold up the bottom half to the center. 

Step3: Fold in half horizontally.

Step 4: Either keep it laying flat or fold it in half again to minimize how much space it takes up in your drawer. 


Your goal with your bottoms is to create a flat rectangle shape. To do this: 

Step 1: Lay the underwear down with the backside on the table and pull the bottom up to the waistband.

Step 2: Now with this long rectangular shape fold it in thirds.

Step 3: Place in your drawer flat and stack underwear or lay on its side and lay other bottoms behind it to create a stack. 


Step 1: Aim to create a rectangular shape by folding the top half into the middle and then folding the sides into thirds. 

Step 2: With the long rectangle decide to fold it in half and then in half again or fold it in thirds.