June Fuller Cup Bra Update

June Fuller Cup Bra Update

So often we see people compare their WORST bra with a better fitting one- but we wanted to challenge ourselves.

This week we asked Raquel to bring her A-game bra to compare. 

We put the new wireless Fuller Cup Nikki bra up to the test against a Primadonna bra - and the Nikki held it's own, see for yourself!

A lift of 2 WHOLE inches! HUGE win! The happy dances were plentiful all around. Finally something function COMFORTABLE and beautiful for folks with larger cup sizes.

And get this — our small but mighty team of four created a bra for fuller cups that lifts and looks as good (or better) and the construction speaks for itself - Look at that lift!

And unlike other brands we are equally focused on your health. Your bras having healthy fabrics and supporting your bust without a wire that does not compromise on the support needed for your back is an important priority in our construction.

See the other exciting differences we noticed below!




And if you're wondering what the bra looks like underneath the dress: 


Stay tuned because once these bras are ready, we'll use the learnings to finish the Lorenna Bra Development. We'd love to send some of you a bra to wear because we'll need your help to wear it and share your reviews. Let me know if that's something you're interested in!

Nadine & Mayana Team x


  • Sharon Mugford

    This is exciting! I’m very interested in the Lorenna Bra Development and would like to wear and review when it’s ready.

  • Meg

    I cannot express just how excited I am for this! Amazing and gorgeous!

  • Candice Bairstow

    Oh oh oh I will do it! I will test the new one against the older prototype!!!! I will send pictures with my review!!!! 😁👍

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